Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MagicJack Plus review and best price

MagicJack Plus

MagicJack Plus description

Brand New MagicJack PLUS Adapter which allows you to either plug it into a USB jack on your computer and plug your phone into the MagicJack Plus or you can connect it directly into your router. This is the newly released PLUS model that can also work stand-alone without being plugged into a computer. 1st year of unlimited calling is free, $29.95 every year after. No contract - no credit card or credit check is required.

By using 2 of these, you can talk to anyone FREE unlimited - no matter where on the face of the earth each caller is located because calls from MagicJack to MagicJack are FREE. For example, one could be in the United Kingdom and the other in Australia to talk to each other unlimited. When you travel, you can take it with you.

One of the following data connections is needed: Broadband, High Speed Internet, Cable Internet, DSL, Wi-Fi, Wireless, WiMax, or Fios. Will NOT work using a dial-up internet connection.

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MagicJack Plus best price

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